Monday, June 11

#168 - crockery from Vinnie's

. . .

I have no room to experiment, nor is the kitchen that I have the pleasure of using in any way lacking completion - but I should think that if ever I acquire a kitchen without having plates and all to fill it, I should take myself to an op-shop to buy out all the ghastly, tacky table-ware within reach.
I think it all, in it's ugly way - brilliant. A brief affair, a one-night stand with the cheap crockery discarded by society.

And then you come across the odd beautiful piece on that rare chance, that someone was silly enough to throw out - but I'm not going to catch myself hoping.

Here's to kitsch.

(I must note, don't worry about my delusion with the images - I don't really think I can achieve this all in one trip to Vinnie's. Just that the 'net doesn't seem to celebrate the daggy so much)

 . . .

images via, but not necessarily original source found; above text: 1- art-ificialdreams-tumblr, 2-unknown flickr via weheartit, 3- trade me via weheartit, 4- found on etsy, 5- littlelordfolknerroy tumblr, below text: 6- vintage-kisses, 8via weheartit,  

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