Sunday, October 28

#188 - revelling in the dust all day

Rather appealing when in context.
I can safely say that Mumford & Son's Gentlemen of the Road Dungog stopover was ridiculously lovely.
Despite the dust that crowded your heels, that rose to your ears in clouds, and swam in your lungs from the jumping crowds - the atmosphere was addictive.
$5 watermelons, a continuously running tap as the 12,000 large crowd's water supply, and cattle rails herding people into the festival grounds.
Eager fans with briefcases of Allen's snakes, an endless and un-conquerable line for the paella, and our nutella dinner.

My dreams of having brown legs was realised as I emerged from the post-mumford crowd, and hands, nails, elbows were grubby, hair was grubby, noses were amusingly grubby.
I think the dust truly hasn't worn away after my 8th shower since- and it somehow has become a much adored souvenir of the event :)

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