Wednesday, November 7

#189 - your own advent calendar..

A little bit of giggling arises when starting to fathom who came up with this idea. 
A parent in a bid to quieten their kiddies nagging if Christmas was soon? 
My imaginations extend to wives controlling chocolate intake, 
a bored hermit, and a collection of school teachers 
incredibly sick of christmas tree imitation crafts. 

It's the only form of discipline I can manage, 
its too just CAN'T eat ahead. YOU'D RUIN CHRISTMAS. 

The much littler version of me found the festivity-themed TV characters applied on dingy cardboard with perforated card flaps and waxy chocolate incased perhaps much too appealing. A little older, My Maman and I made a hanging one of felt, filled with the loveliness of Lindt. 

And now I'm liking this idea! I think its the brown paper :)

From; Petit Pot! {tutorial}
[or see their other versions! 2, 3 - they come in gorgeous cartons!]

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