Thursday, January 24

#196 - disposable income dreaming

I've finally figured that a wish list isn't ever going to be some realistic array of things you actually plan to meander through and accumulate. Kinda more a collection of all you've set your eye on in the last few weeks. See it looking pretty - all huddled together; and then get over it! Utterly, ponder-no-more, get over it. (except the Smeg. will never stop pining the Smeg :)

Good tool for me! Cause all this useless pretty stuff I either need to get onto making, or get out of the way :) And then I realise I don't actually need it.... it's brilliant!
And I can always claim it a tiny bit by showing you guys. So here's my january wish list. It'll morph by the end of the week, but meh.

We just want ssoo much stuff, and I'm glad we don't get it.

.   .   .

ko-ko-ko cloud pillow. nach rabbit ring. smeg fridge. couverture & the garbstore clutch.
maison martin margiela.

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Natalie Palmer said...

I Love the pink spotty clutch bag!