Thursday, January 31

#197 - emoticon kitsch

I've fallen in love with them!! I'm a bit late, I realise. Usually this kind of obsession is reserved for selfie-fixated pre-teens whose status updates revolve around fascinating things  such as what kind of condiment they are having on their toast RIGHT NOW. 
Maybe this started when I fixed japanese ice-cream stickers to the back of my phone (:-*)

Emoticons are this realm of animals, fast-food and synchronised dancing (TWN), that's not half so interesting in the real world. 


(KISS)(GRR)(CRA)(;-p) (;-l)(;-))(:op)(:oD)(:-DD)(:-D)(:()(FLW)(MIAM)(ARW)(BOW)(<3)(KIZ)(KIS)(STI)(<33)(BRK)(:$)

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