Monday, February 4

#198 - making little friends

images ownership of A Thousand & One

Some of you guys might remember Frankie, my first lost thing... his misshapen-ness named those to follow. Unfortunately my fervour to make them dwindled a little at the sight of his arm-less state (still haven't figured where they went) - but has now been rekindled by a new family member! Meet Theodore, pretty happy with both of his arms being a desirable length - and unashamedly enjoys Jane Austen, sketching penguins, washi tape and German song books. 

I fully plan to make a little mob of them, ready to sell on Etsy! So hopefully soon you guys may have the chance to own your own lost thing, so keep looking to be posted of the shops opening :) 

And until then, Frankie and Theo will be having a mighty dandy time chilling in my room, discussing Mr Darcy and singing renditions of 'Der Cowboy Jim aus Texas'.  
(hat ei-nen Hat aus Stroh, und da-rin saß ein Floh jip-pi-jeh, jip-pi-je-heh)

1 comment:

becca said...

he really is the cutest thing.

keep up the good work. you make great things.