Tuesday, April 30

#205 - ate italian. (New York)

brilliant colour, italian food, typography, architecture and bagels. 
surrounded by neon signs in our theatre district hotel. 1920's breakfast with the revolving doors at Bond 45. chef placing clams into rows on the ice heap. classier graffiti - taggers who know their colour palettes better. jazz & jack's fries at La Pescadeux. a crushed It's Our Pleasure To Serve You takeaway cup (didn't see a single one again). massive line outside Shake Shack. watching the waiters prepare for a massive lunch of serving tourists at The Loeb Boat House. commando squirrels at Central Park. collecting typography.  jane looking like Garance. shocked plugs. stacks of cookies. sooo many people wearing grungy boots. women in fur coats and manolo blahniks. more bagels. 

My favourites:
Bond 45 Cucina & Restaurant154 W 45th St  New York, NY 10036
Anthropologie: Rockefeller Centre
John's PizzeriaTimes Square. 260 W. 44th Street New York, NY
La Pescadeux90 Thompson St  New York, NY 10012
Redeemer Presbyterian Westside 7pm Jazz service
W83 Ministry Center, 150 W 83rd Street. (between Columbus and Amsterdam)
Olive's: 120 Prince street New York.
Vesuvio Bakery: 160 Prince Street, New York

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Anonymous said...

These photos are absolutely lovely! They feel so dynamic! An absolutely lovely post.