Thursday, October 21

#121 - use film

- I implore you friends, own a film camera. All the better, a Lomography one. They are a constant source of joy and look rather devine slinged around your wrist.

Film gives you unprecedented effects every time that you cant control.
It vignettes, it gets half destroyed by light, it takes the sun as it is and the moon as it is not, it is instant. In short - it doesn't have the stupid, over thinking brains of digital camera's with all their science and metering.

Film does away with all the crap. It just shoots and relies upon the learning and bonding with its holder.
So here is my rant:

I loooooove film!
It makes me rewind to previous years. I feel like I'm from the old days in little ways.
It sounds gorgeous. The winding of the film, the clicking in place of a new shot ready to be taken. The soft 'check'! of the film exposed.
It looks ultra beautiful. Well, in short lomography ones. I am in love with them. The Holga, the Fisheye, the Action Sampler, the Diana - I have in many sorts of ways held, seen their magic or used them all.
And of course, the lovely and delightful surprise of opening the fresh pack from the developers.
(Gah! nearly forgot this delightful bit- thaaankyou Meleonieee!)


Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Ooh, I quite like film too! I'm hoping to get some batteries and film for my dad's SLR :} I love how you decribed it! Its also s exciting getting the photos once they've been developed! :D xx

LVE+JOY said...

I would LOVE to use film but's way to damn expensive for me :(
Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas. It's always nice to be nostalgic.

Sofia said...

I quite wish I had a camera like this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making the many designs! I am looking forward to seeing them! They're bound to be delightful.