Tuesday, September 27

#143 - go to live music


picutres sourced; charlotte_always @ weheartit

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One must have this a part of their lives at least..... two hundred times,
even if it be to search out a busker on the street and listen for a moment. 
Or a pub gig, festivals, concert,
afternoon cafe jazz (try Berkelouw Books Cafe, Newtown - you Sydney fellows),
shoving a guitar into your talented friends hand,
or so help us all - carols in the park. 

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Even though it may mean nothing to you, some of my rather talented family, and a couple of friends, performed this Angus and Julia Stone cover...
though I was not there to see it all live and gorgeous- Being all the way over the other side of the world made me so frustrated! What I missed! 
Made me realise how lovely the notion of it is... 
This is what has whipped me into such an obsessive Live Music frenzy... 
- - - - - - -

'Yellow Brick Road' Cover. 
By delightful youths in delightful attire

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Jace said...

Hey! I haven't checked out any of your posts in a long time, but your blog is just as lovely as ever.