Wednesday, October 19




Well I shall try awfully hard at getting another post out before I go away, but inspiration is wearing thin. Any idea's for future lovely ways would be much appreciated. 

But yes! Next week I shall be in gorgeous Spain, my last little bit of traveling before I wait out the six weeks till I go home. Cannot wait to tell you of all!

Estaré de vuelta pronto, queridos.


Anonymous said...

woow! I've always wanted to go to Spain :) Have fun! :D Can't wait for more lovely things :)

Ally said...

I am IN LOVE with your blog. Soo beautiful. Inspiring. Lovely.

eat the rich said...

aaaaaaah i like i like! love vintage stuff! xxx

Anonymous said...

Love your blog a lot!

The woman at the first picture is the painter Frida right? With her famous eyebrows (;