Saturday, November 5


images ownership of Steph @ 1001 ways to be more lovely

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Barcelona & Madrid. 6 days. 
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Churros con chocolato, bookstalls tucked away in a corner, food markets vibrant with baskets of eggs, skinless animal heads, fish with eerie eyes, colourful fruit and stall owners roaring with laughter.  Artful beggar cats; sun, croissants and coffee; sangria, paella and ham. Stone walls, balconies, crawling ivy, Gothic spires, sleeping knots of geese and palm trees in a cathedral. Fountains and stalkers, masseuses on beaches. Large gold monuments, free WiFi. The sickly stain of crepes and sugary waffles fills the hair, gulls continually circle, yachts all crowded in a harbour, swaying masts like scattered pick-up sticks. The Bangles tambourine beats from an underground busking spot, shady gardens, cigarettes, smoke, cigars, more cigarettes. La Rambla and all its finery; artists, postcards, pickpockets, pet stalls, stacked cages of birds, wonderful paellas and street performers. Metal statues - not wait, that's a street performer. Dripping mangoes and persistent fruit shop keepers rambling Spanish. They wink. Endless amounts of metro trips and the sun never died. 


Our Youth said...

Lovely indeed!

Hilla Hryniszyn said...

a charming place, on my list:)
come and visit my blog and tell me if you like it :) thanx