Wednesday, November 28

#192 - rubber stamps

Brilliancy! this is one DIY bustle that I should have been into a long time ago.
I just bought a thin slab of rubber, and with my lino carving tools made many little designs of pretty fir trees, hearts, dots and leaves. This was followed by a frantic stamping over a big roll of white paper, metres and metres long. My family's Christmas wrap sorted.
I haven't really got the inking down pat, but have found (thanks to Design*Sponge) many lovely images for your inspiration for you to have a gander at instead.

Especially for this time of year, could use for wrapping paper, logos on packaging, gift tags?

images: 1-6 via Design*Sponge, 7+8 Etsy - hugfishandorange 


Merel ♥ said...

These stamps are amazing! I like the one with dots that looks like tape. Really nice! :-)

aino said...

How beautiful pics you have! I'm gonna follow you right away! :- D