Monday, December 31

#195 - movie nights

I had the pleasure of being able to help organise a movie night!
Us Sydney christian artists tripped down to Newcastle for a week or so, running events at a local church.
We watched; 'And Then There Were None' , had blackboard painted jar drinks with stripey straws, sweets in brown paper packages, caramel popcorn, wax paper lanterns, floral armchairs carried outside - I even had a stab at making a marquee sign, like from Oh Happy Day. Though I only managed completing an arrow, looking a little lonely on its own, though I was surprised I managed to pull it off at all. Surprisingly easy, you should try it! 

A clever little Chicky made three delicious types of popcorn for us all, try this recipe here, and for a variation add food colouring and 100s and 1000s :)

It was mighty fun, I believe all this finery worth it even for a cosy company...

images edited by Steph Larkin @ A Thousand & One, 
photographed and ownership of Seraya Harding.

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All the time in the world... said...

I love this! I'm having a movie night tonight, perhaps I shall steal some lovely ideas