Tuesday, October 12

#118 - go to a music festival

Australia has some of the best. Big Day Out, Splendour in the Grass, Parklife and on, yet I have not been to one. Not one that is full of sweaty, thirsty, beautiful people listening to gorgeous, divine music that is apart from the general pop world.
Not one.
I think, if I had the time and energy to think about it, I would feel really sorry for myself, but I think Ill save that joy for later. You shouldn't have all the joys in life cooped up into a quarter of it.


Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

I've been wanting to go to a music festival for ages! And that's true - we've got some really great ones here in Australia!

Mel said...

Honestly, I think the Big Day Out is kind of overrated.
It doesn't even compare to what The Great Escape used to be - 3 days of every kind of music over 5 or 6 stages, and it never felt like there were too many people around.
Big Day Out often has epic line ups but ts always ridiculously hot, crowded and expensive :)

Still, Australia's awesome for festivals its true. :)


Anonymous said...

The header!
Could I possibly have the two together on a long banner, please?
Thank you oh so very much again!

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