Monday, May 28

#165 - trip to the grocer

. . .

There's something so marvey about a fruit and vegetable shop. 
I'm not sure if its the lack of cardboard boxes and crinkly plastic packets that swarm in the usual supermarket. Or its scales, and the fluid movement of the rip of the plastic bag off its big roll..

Or the poker-face asian lady behind the counter and the tubs of yoghurt in the little fridges. 
Or it could be the sounds of the cash-register, that in all probability has been sitting there since 1982...

Most likely, it has the nostalgic feel of the toy supermarket my Maman hit gold with from the town toy library when I was little.

Whichever it is of these, I shall buy an 80¢ nashi pear on the way home...

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1 comment:

Ellen said...

Mmmh-MH, if I could go crazy in a grocery shop like that, I sure would! Very nice post ^.^
I will definitly follow you, good stuff - good blog..

- Ellen,