Sunday, November 11

#190 - green tea chocolate

When I first tasted this I wanted to go to whoever personally invented it and thank them from the bottom of my heart. Problem was, didn't really know where to start in finding them. 

Then a much larger problem arose quite quickly. Limited Edition?! And these babies didn't even escape Asia... (except the souvenir gift to my colleague that allowed me to taste it). 

Though, I like to think if you can't get something, make it. 
So, with some Matcha from work - I'm going to try mixing it with white chocolate, and hope it doesn't turn out so very horrid. (Fingers crossed!!)

Is this being too obsessed about such a trivial thing?


shannonmaree said...

No, no! Making green tea chocolate is perfectly valid ;)
I have a recipe bookmarked for green tea porridge, which should be interesting!

Spencer said...

Looks intriguing. I would so love to try some.

Hanna C. said...

green tea kit kats! wonder how they taste

Francesca said...

Hm interesting, I'd love to try those. Xo

Francesca said...
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